LinkedIn is always evolving - LinkedIn Ads & Company Pages in the Feed

In the last 6 days, not even 1 week, I have published 2 videos to LinkedIn regarding LinkedIn Ads...and they couldn't be more contradictory. This really highlights how LinkedIn is a constantly evolving platform, especially at the end of 2019.

In the first video post (below) I show you how ads are appearing frequently and consistently on my feed...Ad, Post, Post, Post, Post, Ad, Post, Post, Post, Post, Ad....rinse & repeat.

In the second video post (also below), I scroll down to see not a single ad. I did, however, see a lot of CTAs (calls to action) prompting me to follow company pages.

It is obvious that LinkedIn is testing how it delivers Ads to users and is clearly placing importance on increasing follower numbers of Company Pages.

I think 2020 (probably mid-2020) is going to see a noticeable change in how LinkedIn is presented to users in the feed. The sleeping giant of LinkedIn Ads is going to awaken as more companies realise it's targeting power (and they realise the user number, engagement and content creation is skyrocketing).

And to encourage companies to use LinkedIn, LinkedIn Company Pages will receive more attention in the feed through the algorithm. LinkedIn Company Pages have been neglected over the years as posters were not getting the metrics (attention...likes, shares, comments, click-throughs, conversions etc). We all like metrics, as individuals and as marketers/business owners.

This LinkedIn Trend is going to be huge in 2020.

Check out the posts below.