Void Deck Value - Episode 1 - Personal Branding Platforms for 2020

This is a project which I've had on my mind for a while now, "Void Deck Value"...a video series where I give value from Singapore's many void decks.

Why void decks?

Symbolically they are a space that represents community, togetherness, storytelling and sharing. Although the content will not be only relevant to Singapore, I am based here and the void deck is typically Singaporean and played an important role in society and nurturing that "Kampung Spirit".

What are void decks?

If you're not familiar with Singapore, void decks are open spaces below residential blocks, providing ventilation & shade/shelter as well as a venue for socialising with friends and neighbours.

No doubt the content will evolve over time, but my intention is to share insights and discuss topics around business, marketing, digital, trends, society and generally anything that can benefit us in life.

I also hope to bring more people into the episode with interviews and conversations that offer perspectives other than mine.

Ep.1 is live on Youtube now, search for "Void Deck Value". The topic, filming and editing was fairly impromptu, but hopefully, it's a good start in giving you some value. Don't forget to Like & Subscribe ;)

Cheers, Rob