Why Insurance Agents in Singapore Have a Bad Reputation And How Can They Improve their Storytelling?

Insurance Agents in Singapore get a bad rap, and perhaps unfairly. Yes, there are some bad Insurance Agents in Singapore...either through lack of experience, selfish intentions or just bad client relationship management. However, insurance is an essential part of life in Singapore.

I worked in the insurance & financial advice industry in Singapore for 5 years and I used LinkedIn to build my business. I'm not a financial advisor myself but I help advisors in the industry build their client base, develop good advisor-client relationships and earn many dollars in the process.

The point of this video is to show you that if you have a real story, which relates to your solution or product offering, you are able to deliver your message effectively to your prospective clients...you will succeed in growing your client and/or customer base.

If you're an Insurance Agent or Financial Advisor in Singapore, get in touch with me and I will show you how to reach the right clients with the right message.


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